The First Tee of the East Bay offers 8-week classes in the spring, summer, and fall. In addition to an introductory program (Target), there are currently five levels of golf and life skill instruction and participants must be between the ages of 5-18. All classes meet once per week. Depending on the Level, classes meet for one (1) to two (2) hours.


Target (for 5 & 6 year olds)

Target is an entry-level program that introduces participants to the game of golf in a fun and safe environment. Target participants learn how to respect their peers, themselves, and their surroundings while experiencing target awareness.

PLAYer (minimum age 7)

PLAYers are introduced to The First Tee Nine Core Values and gain the basic fundamentals of the golf set-up and swing. PLAYers are separated into sub-groups based on their age, performance, and experience in the program:

  • PLAYer 1 includes all new participants ages 7-11.
  • PLAYer 2 includes returning participants ages 7-11.
  • PLAYer Teen/Plus includes all participants, new and returning, ages 12 and up.

Par (minimum age 9)

Par level focuses on self-management and interpersonal communication skills. The Par level curriculum builds on the basic fundamentals and incorporates additional golf skills such as swing rhythm, club face awareness, and balance. Participants in Par must turn 9 years of age within the first four weeks of the next session to be promoted from the PLAYer level to the Par level.

Click here for the PLAYer certifying requirements.

Click here for the Par level Golf Rules.

Click here for the Par Level Individual Practice Sheet.

Birdie (minimum age 11)

Birdie level emphasizes goal setting and resiliency. The golf skills are more advanced and participants spend more time on the golf course working on advanced physical and mental pre and post shot routines. Participants in Birdie must turn 11 years of age within the first four weeks of the next session to be promoted from the Par level to the Birdie level.

Click here for the Par certifying requirements.

Click here for the Birdie level Goal Ladder Practice Sheet.

Eagle (minimum age 13)

Eagle level focuses on advanced interpersonal communication and mentoring skills as well as planning for the future. Eagle players develop advance golf skills such as shot shaping, ball trajectory, and course management while continuing to develop and master the fundamentals. Participants also develop mental sports psychology skills as well as mindfulness practices.  Participants in Eagle must turn 13 years of age within the first four weeks of the next session to be promoted from the Birdie level to the Ace level.

Click here for the Birdie certifying requirements.

Ace (minimum age 14 or entering 9th grade)

Ace certification is the highest level a participant can achieve at The First Tee of the East Bay. After completing the four levels of certification, (PLAYer, Par, Birdie, and Eagle), participants have the option of working towards this final step in the program. Ace focuses on personal planning and reinforces skills such as self-management, goal-setting, self-coaching, interpersonal communication, and resilience. Using these skills, participants will become Ace-certified by completing four projects that will help them build a foundation in higher education and career planning.