The Air Quality Alert has been lifted: All Classes will resume Saturday, October 21st!

The First Tee of the East Bay Classes

Summer Session – June to August (2017 8-Week Summer Session, 2017 Summer Camps)
Fall Session – September to November (2017 8-Week Fall Session)


The First Tee of the East Bay is not just a golf program. It is a youth development program that positively impacts the lives of young people by offering research-based curriculum centered on life skills, core values and healthy choices taught through the game of golf. Our programs build character and teach skills that help participants face challenges at home, school and play in a constructive manner. The award-winning curriculum is offered at Lake Chabot Golf Course, Metropolitan Golf Links, Montclair Golf Course, Skywest Golf Course, and Mission Hills of Hayward.


Registration cost of $110 for an 8-week session plus an annual $40 membership-fee. Scholarships are available. We will not turn anyone away. All equipment is provided free.


We offer classes in the spring, summer and fall over an eight-week period. Classes are an hour and a half long and meet once per week. The First Tee of the East Bay has 5 levels (see list below). Throughout these five levels participants will be exposed to interpersonal skills, self-management, goal setting, and resilience skills as well as the Nine Core Values- respect, courtesy, responsibility, honesty, sportsmanship, confidence, judgment, perseverance, and integrity.

First Tee Levels

PLAYer level is the first level for all The First Tee participants 7-17.

  • All PLAYers gain exposure to the 9 First Tee Core Values.
  • All PLAYers gain the basic fundamentals of the golf set up and swing.

The PLAYer level is divided into 3 subgroups:

  • PLAYer 1 includes all new participants ages 7-10.
  • PLAYer 2 includes returning participants ages 7-10.
  • PLAYer Teen/Plus includes all participants, returning and new, ages 12 and up.

Note: PLAYers will be split up into the sub-groups based on their age, performance, and experience in the program.

Par level is the next level after PLAYer.

  • All participants in Par must be a minimum of 9 years old before the start of the first class and be certified from the PLAYer level. (Click here for details on PLAYer certifying requirements).
  • Par level focuses on self-management skills, fundamental communication skills, and resiliency skills.
  • More advanced golf skills are introduced

Birdie level is the next level after Par.

  • All participants in Birdie must be a minimum of 11 years old before the start of the first class and be certified from the Par level. (Click here for details on Par certifying requirements).
  • The Birdie level introduces and focuses on life skills such as goal setting and resiliency skills.
  • The golf skills are more advanced and participants spend more time on the golf course working on advanced pre and post shot routines.
    • Click here for the Birdie level individual practice sheet.

Eagle level is the next level after Birdie.

  • All participants in Eagle must be a minimum of 13 years old before the start of the first class and be certified from the Birdie level. (Click here for details on Birdie certifying requirements).
  • The life skills include conflict management, mentoring, and career planning.
  • All Eagle players will develop advance golf skills such as shot shaping, ball trajectory, and course management as well as continue to work on and master the fundamentals.
  • In order to promote from the Eagle level to the Ace level, Eagle participants must meet the requirements outlined here.

One-Week-Summer Golf Camps

Every summer beginning in late June, The First Tee of the East Bay hosts golf intensive camps for each First Tee Level. These camps offer participants additional golf instruction and on course play. These camps run separately from the eight-week Summer Session, so participation in these camps will not change the participant’s level status.


In addition to the classes that we offer at golf courses, we conduct Target Classes Demonstrations in schools and community/youth development programs around the Oakland and Hayward areas. Target classes and demonstrations promote curiosity about the game and our green grass 8-week program in a safe and fun environment.

The First Tee DRIVE is the perfect activity for young people as it Develops Rewarding, Inspiring Values for Everyone. This activity-based program has been specifically designed and written for youth serving organizations. By using a golf platform, our goal is to extend the life skills and Nine Core Values of The First Tee to young people who may not previously have been exposed to the game of golf. The program Activity Plans are designed in a way that allows for indoor and outdoor set up to fit a variety of locations such as gymnasiums, basketball courts, baseball, football, and soccer fields.

Learn more by viewing/printing the The First Tee DRIVE Overview

The First Tee National School Program introduces the game of golf and The First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits to elementary students during physical education classes. Currently in more than 5,000 elementary schools, this school golf program creates an environment where young people are introduced to the lifelong sport while learning the basic golf motor skills and the inherent values of the game.

Learn more by visiting The First Tee’s National School Program